Kerimbey Orta Okulu


Kerimbey Secondary School founded in 1985, today it has 188 students, a manager, a manager assistant and 10 teachers. The school is located in a very disadvantaged area regarding the students socioeconomic and sociocultural features.    

Kerimbey Secondary School has multicultural students (gypsies, emigrants, laz). So the school has a special responsibility of providing collaboration and preventing social exclusion. The profile of parents of the students consists of unemployed or low-paid workers, so the students have both socio-economic and socio-cultural disadvantages. Kerimbey primary school had been used as  lodgings, so the school is not adequate for giving education. And it is not available to develop physically because of the building's tecnical issues. Despite the lack of physical adequacy, academically, the school has always achieved to be in the first three in 18 schools in its territory and as a result it has more and more students each year. Moreover, Kerimbey is very active in sportive tournements, it has awards from different branches.



Kerimbey Mahallesi Mimar Sinan Sokak No:20 



School website:  Kerimbey Secondary School