IES David Bujan


IES DAVID BUJÁN, is located in a semirural area, with both residential areas and farms. We teach the following age groups and special programs:

Secondary Education (pupils aged from 12 to 15)

High School (pupils aged 16 and 17)

E.S.A. (School for Adults)

Ours is a school with a special focus on:

1 Promoting language learning and language diversity. (We currently teach Spanish, Galician (our regional language), French and English). Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Biology and Geology are also taught in the English language to 12, 13, 14 and 15-year-old pupils (bilingual sections)

2 Helping students to acquire basic abilities in life

Our centre is also noted for our “Health Workshop Program”, which started in 1991 and covers extra-curricular activities, the emphasis being on Health Education, as this is one of our school’s best- known features. This year we have been taking part in a school health program, “Xplore Health”, designed to create and promote a website interlinking other schools (as well as scientific learning centres and museums) with the aim of enhancing the spread of knowledge in health research.

Since students will be facing new technologies in the future, we are taking part, as a pilot school, in European projects like “Global Excursion”, “Go-Lab” or “Citizen Science & Science Clubs” since our students have to face new technologies. The aim of these projects is to provide young citizens and their educators (teachers, parents, etc.) across Europe, access to expert knowledge on their usage for a joyful exploration of Science.





IES David Buján

Camiño dos Cacharros, nº 1

Os Campóns, Sigrás,

15181, Cambre, A Coruña


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43º 17' 12'' N

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