Zespół Szkół in Kobylanka


Zespół Szkół in Kobylanka is school from rural area of Poland. It is situated in the south of Poland, in a charming village with about 3000 inhabitants, in the eastern part of małopolskie province.

Zespół Szkół (a complex of elementary and middle school) in Kobylanka has 239 students (112 girls and 127 boys). 163 students attend Ignacy Łukasiewicz Elementary School and 76 boys and girls attend the Middle School. There are 31 teachers and 9 people who are responsible for the administration and maintenance. The head teacher is Mr Bogusław Wacek. The history of our school dates back to the 16th century. The present school building was founded as a result of a project "A thousand schools to celebrate the millenium of the Polish state" carried out in Poland in 1960s. The school bell rang for the first time on 1st September 1963. Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the foundation of our school.




Zespół Szkół w Kobylance

38 - 303 Kobylanka 413

tel. / fax 18 3531510


School website:  www.zskobylanka.szkolnastrona.pl