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The intellectual product of the project

The intellectual product of the project was presented to partners at the final project conference.

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The final project meeting.

The final project meeting took place in Joniškis (Lithuania) 16-20th of May, 2016.

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„The Youth Compass“ winter orienteering competition

On 13 February, the second orienteering competition was organised in Joniskis „Aušros“ gymnasium.

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Carolers’Parade in Kobylanka

On  31st January the Primary School and Middle School students took part in the second Carolers’Parade organized in  Kobylanka.

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White School

Polish school organized a winter camp called "White School" in Białka Tatrzańska  (it’s a ski resort in the Tatra Mountains about 120 km from Gorlice).

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Ecological activities and „Clean Up the World” campaign in Polish school.

„Clean Up the World” campaign is organised by our school every year. 

All the form teachers together with their students go out to collect litter in the area of the school and some parts of our village. Before the campaign, however, during Science and Biology classes and during lessons with the form teachers students learn about the necessity of living ecologically by attending lectures, watching multimedia presentations, preparing posters, completing worksheets, etc. Such activities are meant to shape students’ attitudes concerning the protection of nature and to promote ecological life style.

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