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The intellectual product of the project

The intellectual product of the project was presented to partners at the final project conference.

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The final project meeting.

The final project meeting took place in Joniškis (Lithuania) 16-20th of May, 2016.

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„The Youth Compass“ winter orienteering competition

On 13 February, the second orienteering competition was organised in Joniskis „Aušros“ gymnasium.

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Carolers’Parade in Kobylanka

On  31st January the Primary School and Middle School students took part in the second Carolers’Parade organized in  Kobylanka.

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White School

Polish school organized a winter camp called "White School" in Białka Tatrzańska  (it’s a ski resort in the Tatra Mountains about 120 km from Gorlice).

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Article in Polish ''Gazeta Krakowska'' about our project.

The article was printed on 20th March 2015 in ''Gazeta Krakowska'' which is a very popular newsparer in our region.



English version of the article below.


Zespół Szkół in Kobylanka represents Poland in an international project ERASMUS+ „Our landscape. Our home. Our school.”


What is ERASMUS+?

ERASMUS+ is an undertaking which aims in exchanging educational and methodological experiences. The project, which has been carried out since 1st September, 2014, involves the cooperation of five schools from five European countries: Joniskio “Ausros” Gimnazija from Lithuania (in Joniskis), Kerimbey Orta Okulu from Turkey (in Samsun), Obchodni Akademie Slany from the Czech Republic (in Slany), IES David Bujan from Spain (in Cambre) and Zespół Szkół in Kobylanka from Poland. The coordinator of the project is the Lithuanian school.

What are the aims of the project?

The main aim of the project is to carry out various outdoor activities in each school and to integrate outdoor education into education system and curricula in different European countries. As part of international cooperation the teachers share their methodological experience and observations with representatives from other countries.

Descriptions of working methods, observations and results of particular activities together with photos or short videos are sent to the coordinator of the project by each project partner. The coordinator publishes all created material on a specially designed website: as well as on Facebook profile: “Our landscape. Our home. Our school.” The results of our work is now available on our school website under “Projekt ERASMUS+”.

All arrangements concerning the project were discussed during an organisational meeting, which took place in Joniskis in Lithuania on 10th – 13th November, 2014. Each partner school was represented by a coordinator. The Lithuanian school was represented by the hosts: Giedre Motiejuite, Violeta Zidoniene, Kestutis Motiejuitis and Vidmantas Sutnikas, the school from Czech Republic – by Renata Bilkova, the school from Turkey – by Meltem Bilgic and the school from Spain – byJose Vinas. Our school was represented by Katarzyna Woźniak, who is the supervisor of the project together with Anna Sołtys-Deda.

Other teachers in our school willingly help to carry out the project by conducting outdoor activities. The final intellectual output of the project will be a brochure published in several languages. It will be a set of methodological recommendations for using outdoor learning, observations, analysis of the results and exchanged experiences.

The project has already started!

Till now we have managed to organise:

·         a trip to a forest  - students had a chance of observing nature, they collected leaves, acorns, chestnuts, they played different sports and prepared a bonfire;

·         a lesson during which students prepared herbaria from the collected leaves;

·         a presentation of students projects “The Fruit of the Earth” (various art works, bouquets made from leaves and funny creatures made from vegetables, fruit, chestnuts, acorns etc.)

·         “Żyj smacznie i zdrowo” (Live in a tasty and healthy way) – an outdoor project during which students prepared different healthy dishes;

·         a trip to a war cemetary in Kobylanka as well as a lecture about the battle of Gorlice in 1915;

·         a trip to an ice-rink;

·         a winter walk in the neighbourhood and photographing winter landscape;

·         taking photos of Christmas decorations;

·         “Looking for spring” – a spring walk in the local park and in the neighbourhood.

Our partners were particularly interested in Polish customs and traditions connected with andrzejki (a party with traditional fortune-telling games), mikołajki (Santa Claus Day) and Christmas.


All the teachers and students in our school join in the ERASMUS+ project. It is an excellent opportunity to find out a lot about other cultures and customs but most of all it is a unique experience and a fantastic adventure!

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