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The intellectual product of the project

The intellectual product of the project was presented to partners at the final project conference.

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The final project meeting.

The final project meeting took place in Joniškis (Lithuania) 16-20th of May, 2016.

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„The Youth Compass“ winter orienteering competition

On 13 February, the second orienteering competition was organised in Joniskis „Aušros“ gymnasium.

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Carolers’Parade in Kobylanka

On  31st January the Primary School and Middle School students took part in the second Carolers’Parade organized in  Kobylanka.

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White School

Polish school organized a winter camp called "White School" in Białka Tatrzańska  (it’s a ski resort in the Tatra Mountains about 120 km from Gorlice).

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Polish school outdoor activities in October

We organized two trips to a forest, prepared ‘Herbaria’ and the project ‘The Fruit of the Earth’

A trip to Magurski National Park - students visited the War Cemetery in which lie soldiers killed in the famous battle of Gorlice in May 1915.

Next, they collected leaves and the Geography teacher who was with them helped them to name different kinds of trees and plants. Later they had a bonfire and ate sausages and baked potatoes.

The leaves and other ‘materials’ they collected, were used later to prepare and present the students’ projects ‘The Fruit of the Earth’.

A trip to our local forest.

Students collected leaves and herbs, named them with Biology teacher’s assistance and with the help of special botanical atlases. Students had a bonfire and played sport outdoors, too.  Later at school we prepared ‘Herbaria’.

We prepared and present students’ projects ‘The Fruit of the Earth’.

There were four groups of students working on different things:

The first group made funny creatures from fruit, vegetables, nuts and chestnuts. They used toothpicks to connect different materials together.
The second group made some works of art – they stuck different leaves to sheets of paper creating animals, birds, butterflies and so on.
The third group of students made roses and the bouquets of roses from the leaves. The technology teacher instructed the girls how to roll, tie and connect the leaves to prepare the bouquets.
The fourth group prepared the exhibition ‘Spring is here’ presenting   the works of art.
All the students liked the idea of the project and had a good time.

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